Hwiogen Kernewek - just a Cornish Pasty by another name

Here at the Original Looe Bakery we love our Cornish Heritage, including the quintessential ‘Hwiogen Kernewek’. That would be ‘Cornish Pasty’ in English!

Undergoing something of a splendid revival, early records indicate the Cornish language originated with the Cornovii, a smaller Celtic tribe of the larger Dumnonii, whose legendary settlement was believed to be at Tintagel long before it became the alleged home of King Arthur.

Cornish today is a revived language as it first died out in the late 18th century. However, as an important part of Cornish heritage, the language has been successfully re-introduced during the 20th century. BBC Cornwall even broadcasts Ad Nowodhow – a review of the week’s news in Cornish.

If you fancy giving it a go, the Go Cornish website gocornish.org has everything you need to get stuck into learning the language, including very useful translations on the home page such as: ‘My a vynn dybri tesen – lemmyn’ – in English: I want to eat cake – now!

There’s also a very comprehensive Cornish – English dictionary on the Cornwall Council website – written in Standard Written form of Cornish - which is pretty comprehensive and where I managed to confirm that Hwiogen Kernewek is indeed a Cornish Pasty!

So, if you want to ‘Dyski Kernewek’ (Learn Cornish) head off to gocornish.org and have a play. It’s a wonderful website and a great introduction to a beautiful language! Let me know how you get on!

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